Slower is Safer: have your say about speed limits in Bournville Ward

20mph zone road sign with the words Slower is safer beside it

Birmingham City Council is currently holding a public consultation to ask local people what they think should be the appropriate speed limit for roads in the Central South-West area of Birmingham. This area covers parts of Bournville Ward so we would encourage you to take part in the consultation. Please read on to find out how you can have your say.

Have your say online or offline

To take part in the consultation, please visit the Be Heard website:

Slower is Safer, speed limits in Central South-West Birmingham

Printed version of the plans below can be viewed at a drop in event (details to the right) or at the following locations (please check opening times before making a special trip):

The public consultation runs until 30 September so you still have just over two weeks to have your say.

Parts of Bournville Ward covered by the consultation

The Central South-West area of Birmingham does not cover all residential streets in the Bournville Ward. When responding to the consultation you will have the opportunity to comment on the streets affected by the proposed changes. You can also use the consultation to tell Birmingham City Council what you think should be the appropriate speed of your local streets, even if they are not covered in this consultation.

More information about Slower is Safer

In 2013, Birmingham City Council asked everyone in Birmingham about the principle of introducing 20mph speed limits on the city’s roads to improve safety and reduce the number of accidents.

20 mph zones have already been implemented in three areas of the city – City Centre (A1), Central East (A2) and Central South (A3).  The Central South-West areas is the next area where changes will take place. The purpose of this consultation is to ask local people about the appropriate speed limit for the roads in their area before deciding whether to introduce lower speed limits.

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