Take our survey to have your say on how to improve Congestion in Cotteridge

Row of cars crawling along the Middlton Road towards a the Cotteridge roundabouts.

Over the past month Councillor Mary Locke and our team of volunteers have had a great response in-person to our campaign to tackle congestion in Cotteridge. We’ve now created an online version of our survey to allow more people to have their say.

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Join us tomorrow to talk to residents about how we can tackle congestion in Cotteridge

Group of Bournville Labour Party volunteers with clipboards standing in street in Stirchley

Tomorrow evening (Wednesday 5 October) volunteers from Bournville Labour Party will be talking to local people in Cotteridge about how we canĀ  tackle traffic congestion and the pollution and other problems that arises from it. Please join us if we can.

Where to meet us

We’ll be running the session after work between 6 and 8pm. Please meet us at the junction of Rowheath and Watford Road.

Everyone welcome

If you’re new to the Party and haven’t been campaigning many times before, then we warmly welcome you and will pair you up with someone more experienced.

Getting traffic moving in Cotteridge

We’re talking to residents as part of Cllr Mary Locke’s plans to look at how we can tackle traffic congestion in Cotteridge. On the doorstep, people have said they are concerned about the problems which traffic congestion causes, including pollution, noise and safety concerns.

As well as listening to local people, Mary will be talking to Birmingham City Council and other local organisations in order to find ways to tackle congestion.