Join us on Sunday as we continue our congestion survey in Cotteridge

Group of Bournville Labour Party volunteers with clipboards standing in street in Stirchley

Building on our successful session on Wednesday, we’ll be out again on Sunday morning (9 October) talking to residents about tackling congestion in Cotteridge. Please join us if you can.

Listening to local people’s concerns about congestion

We already know from living in the area and speaking to people throughout the year that congestion is a serious problem in Cotteridge. By talking to as many people as possible this autumn, we hope to better understand the underlying causes of the congestion and what changes local people want.

Once we’ve listened to local people’s views, Councillor Mary Locke will bring these to the attention of Birmingham City Council. Mary will then work with officers to try to find ways to tackle congestion in Cotteridge.

Join us this Sunday

Can you help us with our campaign this Sunday? If so, please meet us at 11am at the junction of Ashmore Road and Midland Road.

We’re a friendly and sociable team of volunteers. If you’re new to the Labour Party and haven’t been campaigning many times before, then we warmly welcome you and will pair you up with someone more experienced.

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