Our Cotteridge traffic congestion campaign continues this evening on Frances Road

Row of cars crawling along the Middlton Road towards a the Cotteridge roundabouts.

We’re out again this evening working on our Cotteridge traffic congestion survey. Please join us at 6pm at the junction of Frances/Pershore Rd if you can.

Everyone welcome

Our campaigns our powered by our team of friendly and committed volunteers. Please do join us if you can. We are especially keen to welcome people who have recently joined the Labour party or those who haven’t come out with us before. If you’re new you’ll be paired up with a more experienced team member.

Where to meet

We’ll be meeting at 6pm at the junction of Frances/Pershore Road.

Find out more about our congestion campaign

This evening will the third time we’ve been out to talk to local people about congestion in Cotteridge. We’ve already learned a lot about how people are affected by congestion and possible options for improving the situation. Find out more by clicking on the link below:

Congestion in Cotteridge – what we’ve learned so far

Next steps

We’re aiming to speak to 2,000 local people about congestion in Cotteridge this autumn.

Once we’ve done that we’ll bring together all the feedback we receive to build a picture of what’s going on. Councillor Mary Locke will then bring this information to Birmingham City Council and work with the council to find ways to improve congestion in Cotteridge.

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