Our survey of congestion in Cotteridge continues this weekend

Row of cars crawling along the Middelton Road towards a the Cotteridge roundabouts. Visible to the left is a road sign showing the two roundabouts.

We’re continuing our congestion survey of Cotteridge this Saturday (22 October). If you can help, please meet us at 11.30am, junction of Breedon Rd / Shirley Rd.

What’s causing the congestion problems in Cotteridge?

From listening to people to local people, we’ve so far picked up the following issues:

  • Changes to the layout of the two roundabouts by Middleton Hall Road and Pershore Road are felt to have created extra bottlenecks.
  • People have questioned whether the timings of traffic lights are adding to the problem.
  • Congestion on the main routes through Cotteridge is a problem for people who along the side roads, with drivers using side roads for shortcuts.
  • People feel the cost of public transport, particularly buses, discourages them from choosing alternatives to travelling by car.

Where to meet us

Our session will run tomorrow (Saturday 22 October) between 11.30am and 1.30pm. Please meet us at 11.30am by the junction of Breedon Road and Shirley road.

We are especially keen to welcome people who have recently joined the Labour party or those who haven’t come out with us before. If you’re a new volunteer or haven’t been out with us in a while you’ll be paired up with a more experienced team member.

Next steps

We’re aiming to speak to 2,000 local people about congestion in Cotteridge this autumn.

Once we’ve done that we’ll bring together all the feedback we receive to build a picture of what’s going on. Councillor Mary Locke will then bring this information to Birmingham City Council and work with the council to find ways to improve congestion in Cotteridge.

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