Take our survey to have your say on how to improve Congestion in Cotteridge

Row of cars crawling along the Middlton Road towards a the Cotteridge roundabouts.

Over the past month Councillor Mary Locke and our team of volunteers have had a great response in-person to our campaign to tackle congestion in Cotteridge. We’ve now created an online version of our survey to allow more people to have their say.

Can you spare a few minutes to take our survey?

Have the road layout changes in Cotteridge made congestion worse?

On the doorstep, many residents have told Mary that changes made to the layout of the two roundabouts in Cotteridge have made congestion work. Through our survey we aim to find out whether this view is widely shared by a majority of people in our local community.

As well as answering this question, our survey also aims to find out the different ways congestions affects local people, from delayed journey and more pollution through to traffic problems and safety concerns on side roads.

Complete our short congestion survey

What can we do to reduce congestion?

Just as importantly, we want to find ways to reduce congestion and improve quality for everyone, whether you drive, catch a bus, cycle or walk.

Would changing the road layout help? Would speeding up traffic light sequences improve traffic flow? What changes would encourage you to choose public transport or ride your bike more often?

Complete our short congestion survey

Getting the council to take action

Once we’ve gathered people’s views, we’ll review the findings and identify common themes and recurring issues. We’ll make sure to make our findings public so that you can see what we’ve learned.

Armed with our findings. Mary will then meet with Birmingham City Council to see what can be done to tackle the problems we’ve identified. We’ll aim to hold a residents’ meeting in the new year so that local people can have their say before any major changes are made.

Complete our short congestion survey

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