20mph speed limits could be coming to Stirchley, Bournville, and Cotteridge

Birmingham City Council launched a consultation on implementing a 20mph speed limit on many roads in our area

During the last consultation, Stirchley and Bournville and Cotteridge wards had some of the highest levels of support for limits of 20mph on most roads. This new consultation contains specific road-by-road proposals.

You can read full details of the report, including official statements, maps and a Frequently Asked Questions section here.

The proposal contains several exceptions. For example, some roads will remain at the 30mph and 40mph limits. You can read about this in the link above. However, they promise this rollout of a 20mph speed limit won’t shorten journey times. They aim to reduce noise, accidents, and a number of other issues, printing to other cities where this has been tested.

Bournville Labour has worked with Cllr Mary Locke for the past year on traffic and congestion issues, particularly in Cotteridge. In our weekly conversations with residents across the ward, we often hear that major changes are needed. Many of you supported implementing a speed limit to make the Cotteridge double roundabout safer when asked.

If you want your views heard, there’s a form to fill in here by 21 August.

3 thoughts on “20mph speed limits could be coming to Stirchley, Bournville, and Cotteridge

  1. It would be nice to do 20 mph during the busy period usually the Speed is three or 4 mph. During quiet times 30 miles an hour is what everybody seems to do buses, police cars, lorries and others. 20 mph pushed by Conservative councillors ignoring the extra pollution,is just ridiculous.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Judith. The congestion in Cotteridge is a real problem and there’s no quick fix for improving the situation.

      Cllr Mary Locke met with officers from Birmingham City Council to review whether anything could be done to improve the road layout. We’ve also campaigned to protect local bus services, so that people have a real alternative to using their cars.
      Do you think there needs to be more enforcement of the speed limit so that drivers stick to 20 mph?

      1. I believe 20mph should be scrapped. Exhaust fumes are increased with the lower speed. Cars become like beads continuous lines making crossing harder. I use the bus and drive and walk, more crossing places will slow traffic eg on fordhouse lane, stirchley by perfection snooker and other sites.

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